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Minimum Device Requirements

SeeHorse requires a device with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities. In order to successfully connect SeeHorse with your phone or tablet, we require your mobile device to be running:

• Apple iOS 8.0 or greater
• Android 4.3 or greater

Not sure what software your mobile device is running? Go to Settings> General>About>Version.

Updating Your Software

In order to keep up with improvements, there are two pieces of software that will need to be updated frequently:

   1. The SeeHorse app

When there is a newer version of the SeeHorse app available, it will appear on the Google Play Store or Apple App store. Make sure to check for new versions frequently.

   2. The Firmware on Your SeeHorse device

To check if you are running the latest firmware on your device; go to the Alert icon on the main landing page>Over Air upgrade>Device Firmware Update and it will either update to the latest firmware or confirm that you are running the latest version.


SeeHorse offers a factory warranty of 90 days. If at any time during this period you discover a defect, or the device obtains critical damage through the intended use as outlined in the included user manual, we will repair or replace the item at our discretion.

Extended Warranty
An extended warranty plan is available to extend the life of your device and is available for purchase for $39.99 within 30 days of activating your account. When you purchase the extended warranty, you will receive an additional year on warranty on top of your factory warranty of 30 days.

To purchase your extended warranty, click the link below to login:
SeeHorse Portal
Once you are into the portal on the left hand side you will see a ‘Warranty’ tab. Click on it to purchase the extended warranty.