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Introducing SeeHorse; a wearable monitor designed specifically for horses, by the people who love them. SeeHorse is a big advancement - in a tiny package. With a vast feature set, and wireless connectivity you can take anywhere, SeeHorse is here to impress.

A whole toolkit, in one tiny package

As equestrians we typically wear many hats; we are career people, parents and elite athletes. You may be one of these things, or all of them. One thing we all have in common is; we are all horse lovers. The equestrian lifestyle is no easy balancing act; with many features to choose from, SeeHorse makes it all a little simpler.


SeeHorse offers a non-invasive alternative to a traditional thermometer.

Since SeeHorse works using radiant heat, it isn’t as accurate as an internal thermometer. However, SeeHorse can let you know when your horse is too hot or too cold and send you an alert when your horse exceeds set limits.

Making SeeHorse essential for:
• Detecting first sign of illness
• Blanketing
• Quarantine situations
• Post-surgery monitoring

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SeeHorse uses a specially designed belly band and properties of light (IR) to scan pulse and blood oxygen saturation levels. SeeHorse does not currently scan ECG (Electrocardiogram). This means that the device is most accurate on a stationary horse.

SeeHorse provides these benefits when scanning for Pulse & SpO2
• No hanging wires
• No contact gel
• Overnight monitoring
• Non-invasive

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SeeHorse uses a soft flexible belt to measure the rise and fall of the horse’s ribcage and calculate a respiration rate once every 30 seconds. Monitoring a horses respiratory rate when stalled can lead to early warning signs of:

• Heaves or respiratory conditions
• Over exertion after exercise
• Distress
• Mouldy/ dusty hay

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SeeHorse comes with pre-populated Alerts for:
• Heartrate
• Respiratory rate
• Temperature
• Foaling
• Distance traveled

These alerts can be modified to meet your needs. Alerts are sent via email, meaning you can add up to 5,000 people to your alert list.

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SeeHorse provides a full activity tracking feature-for horses! We track:
• Steps taken
• Calories burned
• Distance travelled (KM)

You can set daily step goals and track your progress. Watch your horse’s activity for the whole day and see when they were most active.

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Historical Data

SeeHorse stores all of your data for the following features:
• Temperature
• Pulse/SPO2
• Steps
• Calories
• Respiratory
• Activity
• Foaling

You can review this data at any point in time and view and send specific time periods to anyone worldwide. All for the low cost of $10 USD monthly!

To add this subscription service to your account, please Login and select a subscription plan.

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Our app features a patented avatar ‘Seymour’ who reflects the movement of the horse wearing it in real time! Seymour can stand, walk, trot and canter. Looking at your app is almost like watching your own horse on a closed circuit television.

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