Pieces Of Genius Wearable Tech You (And Your Horse) Will Want In Your Life


With the internet so easily available one of the easiest ways one can keep track of things is with the help of devices. There are many devices which measure out heart rate and record workouts to help ensure that you can manage the vital statistics. These devices are not limited to humans as horses also have a lot of benefits from these as it can help record horses health, happiness, fitness and performance with these innovative pieces of technology. Seven wearable techs that can help ensure that you are your horse’s health is taken care of include.

The FitBit for horses

This is a water-resistant shockproof tracker which has many nodes in the slots which due to its easy availability is one of the main reason to help keep track of the leg movement which can be transmitted with the help of a remote controller. This helps one store information making it easy to access via an app on your smartphone. This device is useful as it allows you to monitor the consistency of your horse’s stride pattern and help you spot any irregularities. The device is also measured to make sure that your horse can burn off the calories without having to put a lot of efforts.

The one to help with the rugging

One device which is designed to tackle the problems of over rugging is a sensor which is connected to the rugs of the horse to detect any activities, temperature and sweat levels. This app will warn you with the help of an app which can help ensure that your horse is in its best shape.

The 24-hour equine monitor

This is a waterproof tracker which is a device that can be placed in the lycra bib when the horse is stable. This is one which uses motion sensors and GPS, which helps measure activity, sleep levels, stress levels and also ensure that you have the right moments tracked. The more advanced tracker, the more advanced and detailed information you will receive which will help measure your horse’s heart rate allowing you to keep the tab on the horse’s fitness levels.

The handy training tool

This is a server which can be connected to the girth of the horse to ensure that you can track the heart rate of the horse. This is one device which gives you insights into the horse’s health which is one of the valuable training tools, allowing you to measure the speed and distance which is being covered. The device takes little to no skill, which helps make sure that you have the right height to jump with being open to jumping courses on the app.

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