New feature: Spo2 and how it can help your horse

SeeHorse releases it's newest feature which allows you to look at oxygen saturation levels in the horse's bloodstream.

SeeHorse releases it’s newest feature which allows you to look at oxygen saturation levels in the horse’s bloodstream.

New feature: SpO2

Our researchers and software engineers have been hard at work. Now we’re ready to share the newest feature from the SeeHorse vault-SpO2!

Monitoring Oxygen Saturation levels (SpO2)

Oxygen is delivered to the horse’s body tissues via the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The respiratory system of the horse includes everything from the nostrils to the lungs. Air is delivered to the lungs, where oxygen diffuses into the bloodstream and is taken up by red blood cells. These cells are the body’s carriers for molecules of oxygen and they are pumped around the body by the heart through arteries, capillaries and veins.

Pulse oximeter monitors are traditionally used to measure the oxygen saturation (SpO2) level in the horse’s bloodstream. Typically used during anesthesia. But, looking at oxygen saturation levels is becoming more common as a means of measuring a horse’s fitness. This is because aerobic respiration is more efficient in fit horses, so they build up less of an oxygen debt while exercising. Less oxygen is required to breakdown lactic acid once the work has been completed. Read the full article here:

Traditional monitors are a clamp or probe insertion which makes the procedure invasive and not conducive to use outside of a clinical setting. SeeHorse offers this feature as a software upgrade to it’s existing hardware. Which is both non-invasive and extremely portable.

What’s wrong with a low SpO2?

A low SpO2 can result in Hypoxaemia (an abnormally low concentration of oxygen in the blood). Which can be caused by respiratory failure, either from illness/pathology or induced by e.g. Anaesthesia

Hypoxaemia is a threat to organ function. With insufficient oxygen, cellular respiration and normal function cannot occur.

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SpO2 function on SeeHorse?

The the SpO2 feature is available on SeeHorse as a software upgrade to all of our current monthly subscribers at no extra charge. To become a monthly subscriber, go to:

Click on Payment> Data Service Plans to choose the length of your service plan and payment type.

This feature works with the existing hardware, so there is no need to purchase a new device if you already have one. The SpO2 is displayed on the real time heart-rate function and is also logged separate in historical data.

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