It’s Time for An Update!

Software update that is.

SeeHorse has two  equally important aspects which are always changing and adapting. Part one; is the SeeHorse device itself (firmware), which like your phone, needs to be updated to get rid of any bugs and unlock new features. The second part is the software app (the one you download on the Apple of Google Play store).

Over the past few months, our software has evolved tremendously. If you have been using SeeHorse for a while and haven’t updated, you are likely behind a few revisions. To update your firmware or app, follow the steps below.

Updating the firmware on your SeeHorse device

To check if you are running the latest firmware or to update your device, follow these steps:

  • Login to your SeeHorse app
  • Click on the Alert icon
  • Click on ‘Over Air upgrade’ near the bottom of the list

A message will appear that says ‘Firmware up to date’ if you are running the latest firmware. If you do not see this message, click on ‘Device Firmware’ to update your firmware.

Firmware up to date message.

Updating your app

To update your app, go to your app store, there will be  section with your currently downloaded apps that have pending updates. If SeeHorse is on that list you have an old version and need to update.


Have questions regarding updating your app or SeeHorse firmware? email: