Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the SeeHorse battery last?

The battery can last up to two weeks on a single (full) charge depending on usage. Using the heartrate function will decrease the battery life the quickest.

How do I recharge the device?

SeeHorse can be charged using the included wireless charging pad or plugged in with the USB cable  or A/C adapter.

What mobile devices does SeeHorse support?

The SeeHorse app supports phones or tablets running an Android operating system version 4.3 or higher and iOS 8.0 and higher.

Does SeeHorse have a cell network?

We use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Bluetooth connectivity allows SeeHorse to be used worldwide with any cellphone carrier; BLE allows for a long lasting battery and keeps the monthly cost low.

How do I monitor my horse when I am outside the Bluetooth range?

Even though Bluetooth has a range of about 120 ft. you can still use SeeHorse outside of Bluetooth range, by using an old phone to provide connection within the Bluetooth range, and logging into the same account on your regular use phone. Or simply hit the ‘Away’ button while scanning any function to keep logging data even when there is no phone within the range, keep in mind you will lose the alert function when using the ‘Away’ mode.

Where do I see data when I am outside the Bluetooth range?

When you are outside the Bluetooth range but using a connecter device within range, you can see all of the data being collected by the device within range, by clicking on the ‘H’ for ‘Historical Data’ on your regular use device from any worldwide.

Can I use SeeHorse while traveling and away from my horse?

Yes! Use the above method to view data anywhere worldwide.

Do I need Wi-Fi to use my SeeHorse?

If the phone you are using within the Bluetooth range has a small data plan, you do not need Wifi to use the device, if the phone does not have any data plan of SIM card you will need Wifi to use the device.

Do I have to leave a halter on my horse when using SeeHorse?

No. SeeHorse is designed to work in many locations on the horse, giving the user many options for placement depending on what the user and the horse are most comfortable with. SeeHorse will work on and with many items you have for your horse already.

Do I have to place the SeeHorse in a specific area to scan certain functions?

Yes. For movement & activity the device can be placed on the halter, bridle, breastplate or martingale. For temperature, the device can be placed in the foam holder, on the halter or bridle (if snug enough) or on a blanket chest strap.

How much does the SeeHorse app cost?

The SeeHorse app is free!  SeeHorse does charge an optional low fee of $10 a month (USD) to store each horse’s data, if you choose to opt out of paying the subscription fee, you can still use SeeHorse but only view data in real time, within the Bluetooth range.

Is it obligatory to have a subscription service?

No, having the subscription service is optional. However, without a paid subscription, you can only view data in real time and when you are within Bluetooth range to the horse.

How many horses can use one SeeHorse?

You can use the same device on as many different horses as you like keeping in mind that for the most accurate data collection it is best to have an account ($10/month) per each horse so that the data collected from each horse is separated and accurate.

How many subscriptions do I need if I have multiple horses?

If you want to store specific data on each horse and view incoming data remotely, you will need one subscription service per each horse.

Is there a warranty offered on SeeHorse products?

SeeHorse hardware is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days. If at any time during this period you discover a defect we will repair or replace the item at our discretion at no charge.  SeeHorse also offers an extended warranty for $39.99 to warranty the device for a full year from the date of registration. This additional warranty is time sensitive and must be used within 30 days after the date of user registration.

Where is SeeHorse manufactured?

SeeHorse devices are manufactured in Canada.

Purchased a SeeHorse device? Next steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘REGISTER’ in the top right hand corner of the Homepage
  3. Fill out the user registration form and click ‘SUBMIT’
  4. Once your new account has been approved you will receive a confirmation email and now be able to login to your SeeHorse account.
  5. Download the app from either the Apple app store or Google Play Store by searching for ‘SeeHorse Equine
  6. Login using your new credentials.

For additional Help/Support please email our customer Help Team: