Company History

SeeHorse was founded in early 2014 when two former Blackberry scientists and a horse crazed College student met for the first time.

Peter Mankowski and Louri Besperstov were keen to start a new business and apply their existing skills to an industry that lacked any innovative technology.

Initially they focused on human applications, looking at chronic back pain sufferers, and then the pet industry. It wasn’t until they met Jessica Roberts, an eventer and horse owner that they decided to set their sights firmly on the equestrian industry.

With the help of Jessica, the company quickly evolved around the need for horse owners to be able be able to check in on their horse at a moment’s notice. Initially, the team decided to focus solely on vital sign readings to show as a form of monitoring horses overnight in the stable. But, as the technology progressed and more segments within the equine industry became aware of SeeHorse, new features were researched added.

When the wearable application for horses began to take its own life form, the name SeeHorse was created. The name inspired by the goal to bridge the gap between species of equine and equestrian, and help humans to ‘See’ their horses, like they never have before.

Today, SeeHorse has extended beyond being hardware only, and has become a full-fledged iOT solution. SeeHorse has an extensive software network and ability to log data. Giving horse owners around the world the ability to automatically store and share data.

We would like to thank the following organizations for being fundamental to our success: