SeeHorse has a multitude of applications to the equestrian industry. Here are some of the industry aspects that our device can improve:


SeeHorse enhances horsemanship and training and conditioning efforts by:

  • Offering a complete health and activity tracking package to allow consistent and automated rather than manual monitoring of improvements
  • Collecting biometrical data from both the horse and the rider to increase horsemanship
  • Assisting in high-jump training by mapping trajectory of the horse and allowing for corrections
  • Tracking respiratory capacity levels after training, showing recovery time and fitness levels
  • Measuring acceleration, stride length and variation in movement throughout training


SeeHorse helps prevent injuries and speed up recovery time by:

  • Scanning for temperature, heart rate and respiratory capacity as manifestations of fatigue, stress, illness or overheating
  • Measuring walking sequence as well as center of gravity to point to limb under stress
  • Pointing to musculoskeletal conditioning and degenerative joint diseases before they happen
  • Assisting vets in post-injury recovery efforts through continuous scanning of vital signs accessible remotely


SeeHorse helps improve traditional foaling care by:

  • Preventing dehydration in mare and monitoring intake of supplements during gestation, hence avoiding miscarriage
  • Monitoring and tracking light activity to encourage healthy pregnancy
  • Continuously scanning temperature and stress levels to accurately predict foaling time
  • Keeping all stakeholders connected and able to remotely monitor the health of the mare while pregnant, as well as that of the foal after birth